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Image by Raimond Klavins

Now a new year is beginning, and the old year's at an end. A new time is also dawning, Jesus' birth brought this to men, which to glory leads one day; and the old is passed away.

From on high, the name of Jesus is the new year's dawn on earth, for the Babe of  Virgin Mary brought it unto us at birth. In the name of Jesus dear, we begin a blest new year.

Zion's children are proclaiming, of this festive year begun. Jesus made a holy cov'nant and confirmed it with His blood. For the old is passed away, lo, the new remains for aye.

May the new morn glow in radiance from the glorious homeland shore. May His name shine ever brighter through the gospel's blessing pow'r. Jesus Christ is e'er the same, yesterday, today, for aye.

Then the new year shall continue when the children are at peace; there is glory, joy, and splendor which is perfect, ne'er shall cease. Every tongue shall then proclaim of the glory of His name.

-SHZ 57

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